Dennis Smith Jr

Posted an update on the site.

He’s hearing from Michigan, but this one will be tricky. Really fun player to watch, but Michigan has a much better shot at some of the other PGs on the board.

I’m glad at least that Michigan is looking hard for a quality PG option in the 2016 class.

Edit: I will add that it would be very disappointing if Michigan doesn’t land a great PG in 2016. While some of that may be tied to Walton’s development, you have a Cousy/Wooden Award winner and lottery pick to point to.

I think Derryck Thornton Jr. is the top target on the board and there’s a ton of mutual interest. They’ll push for him first, but the other options are strong too. Excited to see Quintin Goodin at camp next month, haven’t seen him in person.

Yup, agree there seems a good shot with Derryck, and he’s very high on my want list as a fan. Just glad there seem to be a number of options and that the staff are actively pursuing them.

If nothing else, perhaps any theoretical interest from Smith can help Thornton clarify his interest level in Michigan in his own mind. In English, perhaps the threat of Smith can push Thornton over the top to make a commitment.