Defining offseason priorities as team returns to campus

I think the answer for either Davis or Hunter on defense is to clog up the middle a box and 1 sort of defense. If the other team plays small ball then depending on Livers return or not we can play small with any team, with Johns, Livers, Wagner, Nunez and especially if Jackson can play the point at 6’3". No one above 6’9" but a lot of team length on the court at the same time. JMO

I am really concerned about defending in the B1G with our centers. I love Davis, but i assume his numbers are pretty bad on the defensive end (maybe Dylan can pull the data up with him on/off court). Freshman centers are unreliable and will get pushed around in our league. And a lack of rim protection puts lots of pressure on the wings to defend in space. What do we do here?


Is Livers allowed or expected to be working out with the team this summer?

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Priority #1 IMO Camp Sanderson for Dickinson (Agility and Tone Up) is a must!


RIP the summer of Cole Bajema looking just comically jacked as we slot him into 25 mins per game as a Sophomore… we hardly knew ye


Google tells me Cole Bajema transferred a month ago but I’m also pretty sure it’s been 6 months at least.


I feel like in transition, Wagner played with instincts more so than in the half court last year. Some of those three pointers he was wide open off Simpson/Teske pick and rolls. It was almost like he took too much time lining up his jumpers. I’d expect after a full year of college basketball, he’ll be playing instinctively more next year. My moneys on closer to 40% than 30% from 3.