Dawson (MSU) broke his hand, out for a month

“Dawson said he suffered the injury when he slammed his hand on a table in frustration while watching a film session Thursday morning.”

Too bad for the kid, but he should stop punching stuff.

Izzo says Payne’s chances of playing Saturday are "slim to none.

For those who think Izzo isbeing coy on Payne, he’s not – Payne is doing absolutely nothing in practice. Big game, not bigger than March.

Trojan Horse technique until 7 pm Saturday says otherwise

Very possible.

Wow…we just might have caught a break!

In all seriousness, I never want to see a player get hurt. Dawson has been very good this year and the times I’ve seen him play he been a beast! Always want to play teams with their best players…it only makes you better. The goal final 4…and playing MSU will makes us better, win or lose.

We don’t have Mitch. No excuses.

MSU fan base has done nothing but whine about all of their injuries. Meanwhile, Michigan lost a pre-season All-American and the beat goes on. No excuses, we work.

I’d probably feel a tiny bit bad if it were any other Sparty besides Dawson.

Dawson is by far their best rebounder and his loss will be very noticeable there. I’m still very leery of a wounded animal. Izzo will absolutely embrace the opportunity to add to his local legend within his fan base, by “masterminding” an upset with his reduced cast. This will be a VERY difficult game to win regardless.