Dawkins, Chatman, Doyle


Am I the only one tracking them closely this year? Well mainly the first two. I am really confident the first two particularly Dawkins are going to shine and have big years. I think the timing and fit was just wrong. Both of them are talented. Chatman’s style was never a fit and Dawkins became redundant with our roster make up.

I really expect Chatman to shine with the ability to possibly be one of the go to’s and play his brand of ball. ALlowing him to run the high post and create/ distribute. I think hes going to impress. I expect Dawkins to tear it up offensively I really do. His sophmore year was poor, but I don’t think offensively he was given the looks needed. His frosh year late he was a go to by default and I think he showed he could play that role. Obviously his d needs a huge upgrade, but I think we will see dawkins avg 15 plus this year. Great shooter. Watching him off the screens at the elbow reminded me a lot of Nik. He was automatic.

Excited to watch both. I don’t think they were misses at all. Just didn’t fit well. I think beileins talent evaluation on both was still solid and that they were both good offers. Maybe kam wasn’t due to fit but not a talent issue really. WE shall see.


They should dominate bad leagues, if they were worth a damn to begin with.


It is hard to track them when they sat out last year and it is now the off season.
I expect Chatman to do well. I think he was a slow developer who would have done well at UM if he had stayed. Now, with a year off to retool, I think he will do very well.


I’m interested in how they do. I’ll check in sporadically. I fully expect Dawkins to score a ton and give up a ton of easy shots.

I really liked chatman, he just couldn’t find his shot here. Indiana excluded. Feel he could’ve had a late career resurgence if he’d stayed and worked.


Ironically, all three had far better first two years than DJ. Had they stayed, DJ most likely would’ve transferred.

I feel bad for poor Doyle who had to play through all the pain and medication, and nobody knew.


Don’t forget Dakich and Donnal as well. Michigan has a full starting five of transfers to keep an eye on this year.


Brief hero at UM, Chatman eager for reboot with Titans


I wish Chatman success (I really do) and I think he will be able to have success! However, the idea, presented in this article, that Chatman’s lack of success at Michigan was because he did not “know his role” seems like a lame assertion to me.

Michigan was plagued by injury during those two years, and I think I remember some situations where Chatman was our biggest guy on the court, but I believe he mostly played the 4. I also believe it was the plan for him to play mostly the 4. Chatman didn’t defend, rebound, shoot 3’s, or take it to the rim very well at the 4 spot…Chatman was (and likely still is) a work in progress…End of story…I don’t remember anyone complaining that MAAR could have done better if he were not playing in unfamiliar/unexpected situations…


I got a different feel from the article. I didn’t get the sense that he was complaining about his role. Even Alexander down played that notion.
I think if he had stayed, he would have continued to develop, but I am not sure he would have seen the floor much last year with DJ in the lineup at the 4. At 6’9" 224, I wouldn’t mind having him on the team this year.
I look for Cam to have a big last two years. I wish him well.


I believe that Chatman prefers playing guard, but out grew the position, and he was a bit reluctant to make the transition. he practiced with the bigs his 2nd year and there was no illusion by the coaching staff about his position. Now it seems that he fully embraces the inevitable change and I wish him the best.


Chatman was tied for the team lead in rbs/40, averaged as many blocks/40 as Mo and more than Doyle. He was no Dennis Rodman but his length bothered people. His biggest problem simply was that he couldn’t hit the three consistently and that he wasn’t able to display his main strengths, facilitating and creating at that height. He never got comfortable or confident, and I don’t blame JB for not running things through Chatmna more – he had to win games – but I think Chatman could look very good with a larger role at UD and might’ve also at Michigan if some things had gone differently.


Thanks for the different perspective, Kenny and Champions. What you guys said makes sense to me.



I expect we’ll see a lot of scoring lines like that for Aubrey this year. It won’t change my mind that the right decision was made for all parties involved.


I think ultimately, unless he had Darius Morris type passing and ballhandling skills (which of course was not the case), it was going to be very difficult for him to earn big minutes at the wing without being able to make threes. He shot .264 from three during his Michigan career on 1.2 attempts per game, which suggests he wasn’t very accurate or confident with his three point shot.


Yeah, he just couldn’t guard anyone. He had a nice three point shot when he was wide open, but had very little off the dribble. Seems like a good kid, I wish him well. His dunks were highlight reel quality, that’s for sure.


Heck, the misses were highlight reel worthy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c51xSD0Mb4


The question with every Aubrey Dawkins box score that is posted this season will be: how many points did his man score?

It is probably a great fit for Aubrey (and having Tacko Fall at the rim should help the D) and a great chance to play for his father. Hopefully it works out for him.


Unfortunately, I’m not sure he made one of those big dunks during his entire Soph season. He has a couple highlight dunks as a frosh but not much as a Soph.


So many monster dunk misses that would’ve been awe inspiring though lol.