David DeJulius to enter transfer portal

That seems like a good thought. Beat coach D Walt ever played for.

Doesn’t make much sense to me unless he’s convinced Christopher is coming and the guard minutes are getting squeezed.


This is the one guy I really had hoped would stay. I believe he will be outstanding if the ball is in his hands a higher percentage of the time as a starter. Will definitely miss him, but wish him the best wherever he lands. Please, please, don’t let it be OSU or MSU. That would hurt badly…


I wonder if we’ll ever know the story behind him leaving. Even if Christopher is coming, that has no impact on DDJ’s minutes. Simpson leaving means that there are basically 40mpg at PG and 10mpg at SG minimum up for grabs next year even with Christopher.

So either he was unhappy and wanted a new place that better fit his expectations or maybe the grad transfer thing was happening first and that pushed him away? Confusing to me…I think he would have had a solid season next year and every chance to be the lead guy and Walton 2.0. But I wish him the best…even if I don’t quite get it.

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Would him going to Maryland make any since, our old assistant is there coaching correct?

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This! I will continue to follow him wherever he goes…I think he could have a Geo Baker trajectory his final two seasons if he’s able to play 30+ minutes. I don’t think Juwan was ever going to give him that opportunity at the current recruiting rate. But I’ll continue to be a DDJ fan!

I was never in a situation like that so I can’t say how I’d respond - but maybe you’re right. I still would contend that playing 20-30mpg on a good team that’s always on TV is a better situation than playing 35mpg for a smaller school that will let you play more alpha. But we’ll see how it plays out.

One would think this would be a good sign for either Josh Christopher or Bryce Aiken to end up maize and blue. Worst case scenario is a Zeb/Brooks backcourt but that PG spot has to look pretty juicy to a grad transfer now


DeAndre Haynes. I suppose that could make sense, especially if he can find a way to be eligible instantly, with Maryland losing Cowan.

It’s interesting because OSU just picked up a PG transfer today, and frankly DDJ is MUCH better than the kid they took. I want DDJ to go to the best place for him, but selfishly I don’t want that to be OSU or MSU, and really nowhere else in the B1G, either, for that matter. I really think the Butler idea to play for Lavell could be a great idea, though I haven’t even looked to see what their PG situation is.

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When these signs happen with Michigan Basketball, the most ridiculous outcome seems to happen the most.

Though I feel confident with Christopher.

I think he’ll get opportunities at schools that are on TV regularly


I agree. I want the players to have more power/freedom so I get the public angst when coaches restrict transfers…but I don’t want to see players transfer within a conference. I know it has happened in recent memory for Michigan (Spike, Max, Smotrycz) but I don’t like it.

You could argue that DDJ will now become one of the most coveted transfers out there given his experience, recruiting pedigree, court experience in the toughest conference, and having two years left. Though he almost certainly has to sit out a year.

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It felt like a slap in the face when guys Beilein trained for 4 years transferred within conference.

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Yes, I think he will get a ton of interest, and deservedly so.

As I said I don’t want him to go to a B1G school (of course I don’t get a vote! :wink:) BUT Maryland is also after Aiken. Right now I really want that kid, SO, maybe DDJ goes to Maryland (ugh!) and that helps clear the way for Aiken to Michigan? Just graspin’ here, just graspin’ at anything I can get ahold of! :grin:

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Would love to be wrong… but Ive heard that Seton Hall is presumed to lead for Aiken

It is always an adventure recruiting these grad transfers, though this is the one time academics are 100% not an issue.

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I think DDJ will be successful wherever he lands. Kid can really score. His defense really picked up this year too. You can see the work he put in. The problem with our roster is I think he is always going to be a scoring 2 guard. He just doesn’t have the height to defend bigger 2s. If we had a taller pass 1st PG, DDJ would be a great complement.

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I would love for you to be wrong, too! And I mean that in the nicest possible way! :wink:

The interesting thing to me on DDJ’s transfer is that MattD had said last week he heard he wasn’t looking to leave. I know things can change quickly, but I’m wondering if something concrete has happened since that would sway this decision.

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