David DeJulius has been getting ready to play at Michigan for longer than you know


Looks like he is putting in time with Kam

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Does David have the skill set to play the 2 at Michigan? Things could get crowded at the point in the next few years…

Is the PG that crowded? Basically two guys fighting for backup minutes right now.

I’m guessing that since he mentioned “the next few years” that he’s thinking of Carton as a commit. I’d call Simpson, Brooks, DeJulius, and Carton on the same roster in two years a good problem to have.


Even if the PG position is crowded in terms of 6-foot guards (which isn’t great) the problem continues to be that Michigan needs dynamic playmakers with the ball in their hands. DeJulius can create his own shot off the dribble, but Simpson and Brooks haven’t shown a lot of that. So there’s a lot of opportunity somewhere (both guard spots are basically the same, it is just hard to play two 6-footers together).

And a year from now, we could have 4 of them on the roster, hence my original question.

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A lot to play out obviously. Will be interesting to see what happens with Brooks/DeJulius first. Are they both rotation players this year? If not, it could be an uphill climb to rotational minutes if Michigan does indeed sign someone like Carton. If they both are rotation players, that means one of them probably demonstrated they can comfortably play off the ball.

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There’s no doubt in my mind that DeJulius is a better shooter than Brooks.

He has the potential to be an off the ball player more than Brooks as well. Even acknowledging his ball dominant HS role.

I just haven’t see any one offensive skill that Brooks is really good at yet.

DeJulius knows a whole lot more about the Beilein system than people may think. The kid can shoot off the dribble, and JB is gonna love that.

I wrote about the PG position a bit over at The Athletic, including DeJulius’s ability to shoot off the dribble.

Looking forward to watching tbe young man compete! He’s very fortunate to be able to practice against Z…maybe one of the top 3 defensive PG’s in the country. He should be ready to compete in the B1G by January!

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I can see DD play some 2G this year, Beilein was never shy of playing two PGs together. DD and DJ could be a very dynamic back court combo.