Cyber Monday Sale! 50% off or free T-shirt

How come it’s not $24 to gift a membership? It’s showing $40

Hey @michiganman_777242ea, the gift memberships are $40 with the free t-shirt. Not sure there’s a great reason, but that’s just how I set up the two promos.

Can I buy now and extend? I think I’m paid thru February.

Hey Dylan, not so sure how this happened but I received my t-shirt today and it was not a UM hoops t-shirt. I got this shirt which says “Hubig’s Pies” whatever that means. So I’m not sure how that happened but I figured I’d at least tell you. Also not expecting you to get to this right away as the game just started.


LOL. Will get you another one shipped. We use a company to print them on demand. Something must have gone wrong.

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Haha, ok thanks a lot! Some poor guy who really wanted a Hubig’s Pie shirt is very dissapointed.


Wait… you got my pie shirt?