Cyber Monday Sale! 50% off or free T-shirt

Maybe you should offer something for the guys who have been with you from the beginning. Just kidding. Have a Blessed and Merry CHRISTMAS season!

@umhoops If I already have a UMHoops account I should input that account info at the subscription purchase checkout screen, yes? I don’t have Patreon.

Just want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly!

If you just have an account on forum, sign up with the same email but a new account. The two systems are actually separate, but your status will sync between them.

Is there a way I will be able to keep my same “MH20” username?

I know this isn’t a perfect thread for this, but @umhoops is there a way to change my subscription from Patreon to directly through the site?

Hey, you can sign up using the same login. Just go to buy an annual membership (or whichever membership).

If you still login via Patreon, you can reset your password with your email and then use that to log directly into UM Hoops.

There’s a chance it will give you an error when you submit the transaction, but it should still go through. You can follow up with me if you have any trouble.

You’d have to cancel your Patreon pledge separate, however.

I’ll try canceling with Patreon and re-doing it directly on the site. If I have issues I’ll DM, thanks.