Crazy to think that

A year ago Michigan lost to Ohio State at home on the first Saturday of February.

Season basically bottomed out and Michigan was 14-9. Wolverines in a much different spot right now, but a reminder of how much things can change in the final month of the season.

U-M is 19-6 right now, but a bunch of 50-50 games left on the schedule. 5 of Michigan’s remaining 6 games will likely have single possession pointspreads. This thing could still go in any number of ways.


Happy “Who should be our next coach?” Anniversary!!


I feel like if we can get these two road games this week we will have a real shot at being ranked in the top 15.

I’ll definitely admit walking out of crisler that day thinking that beilein might only get one more year. That game was such a weak performance. Truly amazing the turnaround that team made last season.

Dylan is absolutely correct that there is a lot of basketball left this year. I personally still think Michigan drops at least one game we think they should win. Though at this point it’s hard to say if there will be any definite games left we think they should win. Maybe at Wisconsin?