Could Walton's role change dramatically?

Also I said will be great!

michguy93, I was not specifically responding to you. Lots of people have said that DW is a great point guard.

BTW, note that I said " I do think that MAAR could ultimately be better.". There’s a “could” in that sentence. And why not? MAAR is taller, probably just as quick, and I bet MAAR beats DW in a 40 yard dash. So maybe, as a junior, he’s the starting point guard. For next year I think the PG is either DW or Spike, unless, of course, both are injured, which could certainly happen…

If healthy, there’s no way that Walton is benched in favor of Spike. I love Spike. I think he’s awesome. But Walton has better vision, can be quicker to lead the break and can finish better inside. And he can rebound very well for a PG. Spike is a great backup PG, adequate starter. But I think we’d like our season to be more than adequate.

I am a Walton fan, and agree that his overall game is better than Spike. but I would respectfully disagree that Walton has better vision and decision making than Spike. Spike has his limitations but he sees the game as good as any PG.

Never said anything about decision making, so not sure where you’re getting that. I have more faith in DWalt in PnR than Spike. That’s only one part of vision, and maybe has more to do with his athleticism. But I don’t think Spike has bad vision at all.