Cord-Cutting 22-23

Any cord-cutters out there? I’m considering cord-cutting and was wondering if anybody on the forum can recommend a package? ESPN doesn’t have Big Ten rights this year, just Fox, NBC and CBS.

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ESPN still has Big Ten rights for now.

Most “cord cutting” packages at this point are just cable services over the internet without a contract. YouTube TV should have everything you need to watch Big Ten hoops.


I have Hulu Live. It’s got everything for UM sports as well. To be honest I haven’t saved as much money as I thought I would - between xfinity internet and Hulu live it’s not a to. Cheaper than xfinity internet + cable. But it’s nice not to have a big box under my tv.


Here is a website that will help you pick the best one.

I just switched and YouTubeTV was the best for me. I am very happy with it.

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YouTubeTV is great and a $$$ saver, at least for me.

Good idea for a thread. I have been thinking I might try YouTube TV.

Is BTN plus BTN and More or just More without BTN?

BTN-Plus is just streaming of things not on BTN. Mostly non revenue sports.

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Ended up going with fios 500mbps and will get YouTube TV. Thanks for the link @BBREP!

Anyone like Hulu for sports? We haven’t had it in the past, but my wife wants it now, so might try the live sports addon

Single game viewing of exhibition games is usually available, right?