Considering migrating site/article comments into the forum

I’m guessing that you guys (active forum participants) wouldn’t have any problem with that. But just wanted to open the board for discussion and see if you had thoughts.

Think that this platform could give us more in terms of moderation, live discussion, etc. that we don’t get out of discourse.


Would absolutely love this. Issues with Disqus are the primary reason I don’t comment on the main board.


Would be much more active in game threads


yes. would be in favor.

Sounds good to me!

Think that would be great and I would enter into those discussions (currently only a voyeur on the main board).

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I comment both places, so it doesn’t matter to me.

Makes sense. It might drive more traffic to the forum. I guess you’d have a post-specific thread?

Correct, there’d be a thread for each post on the main site.

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Are we talking in game threads too?

Correct. Any Disqus thread from the main site will instead show a few featured comments underneath the article and then link back to a forum thread.

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The pros will be one less login (Disqus), better discussion features, less crashing and Javascript issues with Disqus. We should also be able to enable single sign on so anyone logged into the main site to see Member content will automatically be able to comment here.

The hope is really that we’ll just grow this community more and hopefully can add to the discussion in one place instead of splitting it between two.


Definitely a good idea, i see some people in the comments of the main site that i don’t think I’ve ever seen in the forums.

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Well good, now I know what you are talking about. Your title for this topic is a bit mysterious.

Sure, go for it @Dylan. One less login is a good thing.

I’m down for all of this. I usually miss the article chatter.

Sounds good to me.

Plus you’ll never see me in comments, I’m forum only bc I didn’t want a disqus log in. (So the opposite of what you’ve noticed exists)


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Some technical issues to iron out here… so this probably won’t happen until December at some point.