Combine measurements are out

Charles Matthews: 6’6.25" with shoes, 6’5" without, wingspan 6’9.25", hands 8.5x8.75, weight 194.8 lbs,3.8% body fat.
Jordan Poole: 6’5.5" with shoes, 6’3.5" without, 6’6.75" wingspan, 190.8 lbs, 7.5% body fat, hands 8.25x8.5
Ignas Brazdeikis: 6’7.25" with shoes, 6’5.76" without, 6’9.25" wingspan, 220.8 lbs, 6% body fat, 8.75x9.5 in hands

Full list:!?sort=WINGSPAN&dir=1&SeasonYear=2019-20

Those are really good measurements for Matthews

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What kind of shoes did JP have on? He had a 2" jump w/ shoes on. Charles got 1.25" and Iggy got 1.5"


JP the new spokesman for Skechers lifts


Never understood why they would measure them in shoes if they are also measuring them without shoes.

Sure Jordan Poole is 6’3.5" inches without shoes but how tall is Jordan Poole when he is standing ontop of an 8" high mound of sand wearing flip flops? Who cares?


We need to get one of the umhoops picture analysis experts on this ASAP.


(sniff) and we don’t have the Beilein photos to compare to… well, we do, but it won’t ever be the same.


:sob::sob::sob: Why??? Why did you have to leave, John?


I’m still grieving.

I definitely feel you. I am also struggling to process how UM’s basketball had this much misfortune in the offseason.

Maybe we will win the NC in 2020 now after our coach has left? Maybe that’s our formula to success?

Had Beilein stayed and the word gets out (I am sure it will) that he interviewed with NBA yet again. It would be hard to recruit multi-year players as he would always be seen as a flight-risk. We may have to turn to 1-and-dones for the rest of his tenure. On top of that, Beilein might not get another crack at NBA, which I am sure will not make him a happy person.

I think it’s for the best that he left for Cavs, minus how everything ended up so messy and adding to UM’s and fans’ misery. I assume the leak came from Cavs, and Beilein wanted a more orderly exit. At least that is my hope.

(sigh) I’ve had to use a Talking Heads reference twice in a month; gives me gas. Stop Making Sense.

I’m no BMI expert, and I know it’s an inherently flawed measurement, but Poole’s 7.5% body fat seems a tad high :man_shrugging:

Edit: should’ve gave it a Google first haha :rofl: Clearly he’s in a healthy range, and I’m in fact not an expert. Charles is a beast!

3.8% body fat, shit Cmatt has been eating right

Three years ago before we made our run with Walton and moe developed… People wanted him gone or replace. People also suggested he retired. You never realize a good thing until it’s gone. Hopefully we make the right hire. If ita certain coaches I will not support this program anymore.

That’s very contradictory. You mention how people’s opinions on Beilein changed sounding like you’re open minded.

And then you say you will not even give the next coach a chance if you don’t like them.

If that’s the case don’t come back and support the program if we’re back on top.


I have no idea if this means good things for Charles or bad things for Poole


Haven’t been following the combine closely, but I imagine Matthews is increasing his stock quite a bit if he’s shooting well.

Iggy’s shorter than I expected. I guess that’s a good wingspan, though.