College Practice Camp notes

Big names were Jordan Poole, Cormac Ryan, Tim Finke, Dwayne Cohill, and Kevin Easley.

I’ll have a full write up tomorrow but I’d be surprised if Cormac isn’t offered. He looks great and is a great fit. Cohill looks great too.

I’m not sure about Easley right now. Kind of stuck between positions.

Poole had some nice moments as well. Will be interesting to see how his consistency improves this year at LaLu. Such a smooth game, but sometimes can be a little too smooth.

What do you mean? Too fancy?

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Here’s some updates from endless motor:

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Cohill is a very nice player. Wonder how serious any mutual interest really is?

Some thoughts on the front page

I would offer Cormac and Cohill right now. Both guys can flat out play.


Glad to see the “love” for Cohill. Saw him twice last year in HS and was very impressed. He’d be a great get.

Losing interest in Easley quickly. Just don’t think he is a fit for Michigan. He has plateaued physically and his skill set is really not all that advanced. Not a take IMO.