College Hoops Open Thread


The Zags regularly struggle in the tournament. I’m not that scared of them.


Um…that’s a 4 year old article.


Thanks! Somebody posted it on RCMB after the game. And since there’s been talk of firing Van Gundy I thought it made complete sense!


One terrible loss would be Leonard Hamilton from the bracket.

If we somehow get past those beasts from A&M, Hamilton would be the only potential coach out of that side that Coach B could completely pants.


Right …i would think MSU and NC would certainly get a boost from their fans playing so close to home. Very surprised they both lost with what I consider an advantage playing in their backyards.


FSU! Can they do this?


Yeah, one got completely run, so their fans were just shell shocked. Sparty fans probably knew much better than the national media how fragile their team was and how close to disaster they probably were, so they probably spit the bit along with their team.

It’s definitely surprising, though. Wonder how much Izzo’s mind boggling decision making took his fans out of the game, lol.


There are no words for how hard Xavier got screwed on Macura’s fouls. Such a clean block for #4 and #5 was definitely a block not a charge.

Refs have been pretty darn bad in this game.

(I’d love a clip of Chris Mack ripping the refs before the final buzzer - they deserved it!)


MSU just didn’t seem like they were competing at a high level…they didn"t play with an edge. When you have two potential lottery picks they better be on the floor for the entire game…Izzo got caught over coaching. Let the kids slug it out like they do in the playground!


What a day! The #1 and #2 in our region are gone!


Foul 5 was 100% a charge though


unreal, #1-#4 in the other region of this side are gone too


We are now the highest seeded team left on the whole left side of the field. Simply put, we won’t face a tougher back to back stretch of games the rest of the way than the Michigan State / Purdue back to back during the Big Ten Tournament. It’s all out there for the taking. Incredible.


I missed all but the last 5 minutes - had to follow on my phone - mom is ailing/recovering and I had to be with her during most of 'Cuse-Sparty - got home in time to watch Sparty really choke it away.


Unfortunately that Xavier L means I will NOT be going to LA.


Well, by my post you can see I totally disagree with you. Imo, he was moving and leaning into it. I really think that’s not a clean draw of a charge. As I mentioned, I grew up in the game in a Carolina system, where taking the charge was prioritized. You gotta truly eat it to get one (that is a difference between Duke and Carolina - the Carolina charge is more about eating it, the Duke charge is much more about flopping). I think the charge calls have been completely out of control in this tournament. Charges should only be for when the offensive player trucks a well set defender out of the circle. And you can’t slide in under, either. That guy was moving and leaning, imo. Block, in my book.

Why does a Xavier L mean you’re not going?


I have Xavier buddies (one who lives in LA and one who lives in Michigan), so I was gonna go to the regional with them. Not now though, haha.


Huge. But we really need to get back to the way we played coming into the tourney to take advantage. Have to love Beilein with a few days to plot and plan.


That’s a bummer.

Go FSU now! Please give the Zags hell!


agree that there are a lot of fishy charge calls in this tournament.