College basketball corruption charges


Yeah, yeah, they can always cry into their championship t-shirts…

…hey, I like extra fun!

Michigan fans absolutely loathe us after the NC game

Yep, and it was still a block! #StillSalty


That’s really cute that Louisville think they can obtain a coach from Michigan or Notre Dame.


Definitely an inflated sense of their program…


Particularly when they might not even have a program.


Unless Patrick wants his big break I can’t see a Beilein jumping on that flaming bag of poo down in Louisville.


Ha ha, they think they just need to get a new coach. More like y’all need to get a new hobby.


We are all wrong sometimes.


I spent like an entire week+ trying to say that Zak Irvin was the worst basketball player of all time and then he finished off the season as arguably our second most valuable player. It happens lol.


For sure. I’m wrong about a lot of things. But I don’t make it a habit of ridiculing people who disagree with me. And I usually allow for the possibility that I may be wrong.


Ya you guys are…


Haha we all cant have spotless records like you… #RIPBAMBA


:joy: :joy: :joy: We all can’t be perfect!


Another school that might get implicated is San Diego State. Tony Bland worked under Fisher there.


Schools to keep an eye on in the immediate term other than Louisville appear to be Miami, Auburn, USC, South Carolina, Arizona.


What about Oklahoma State?


Forgot them, they are in the doc as well with the Jeffrey Carroll stuff as well.




Missed that…

LOL. C’mon man.


Thanks, NCAA, for not just being knowingly neglectful when it comes to enforcement. Leave it to you to cut out the middle man and make an Express Lane for corruption.


Missed that part of it. Fox? Meet henhouse…