College Basketball Cheating

For those around here who like to pretend recruiting is usually on the up-and-up, here’s a reminder that it isn’t. (By the way, this guy went to my high school, and I know his sister pretty well).

Even at Southern Miss - hardly a basketball powerhouse - coaches cheat during the recruiting process.

Two lost schollies and a $5,000 fine. The NCs, the Syracuses, no one faces any real consequences for this stuff. Too few incentives not to cheat. Shut down the programs for a full year for any major cheating; that would begin to have an effect.

There are a ton of programs that cheat. Money is passed to the kids, the parents, and travel coaches, and whoever will help get the kids to go to a school. There is a lot that goes into it in order to get kids. Happens at all levels and you are naive if you think it doesn’t happen.

I was told by a mid major assistant that certain head coaches expect their assistants to use part of their salaries in order to get kids. What I mean by this, they have meetings to try and figure out “how much they need to spend” to get kids. Mid majors will range from $3k-$5k. High major is obviously higher but he said he didn’t know exactly how much each prospect would be.

Here is an article regarding “cheating” at mostly SEC schools with football. It’s long but definitely worth the read.

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And this should be the case. The thing is that at many of these universities there’s no great reputation to place at risk.