College Basketball 2024-25 Offseason Discussion

New thread for the offseason/preseason.


Here for the party.


Was bothering me for WEEKS but I’m not brave like @DMB43

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Save us College Basketball 2024-25 Offseason Discussion, you’re our only hope.

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My son told me the Braves are/were in town but their star, reigning NL MVP?, is out for season. Too bad. Go Nats!

PS Looking forward to Olympic hoops! Who are premier college players who will be rostered?

nowhere is safe for poor @kturnup

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What an unreal stray to catch

Spencer Strider and Ronald Acuña? The world is a cold place.

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From the Field of 68:


Athletic going for those valuable UM subscribers.


The funny thing is if Michigan gets Watkins, I could see a bunch of outlets moving them up into like the top 15/borderline top 10. Basically matching where The Athletic will have us if we get Watkins.

I feel like the offseason narrative around Michigan nationally is very good, but the “Way-too-early” polls haven’t agreed. Getting Watkins would be an excuse to vault Michigan up these rankings (to a spot probably higher than they should), even though Watkins alone is not worthy of a ~15 spot leap in projections

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It’ll be interesting to see how the pollsters would rank teams that has a bunch of transfers. It’s hard to project teams because the role/usage would change for the transfers. How will it translate to the overall team play.

It looks good on paper for Michigan. How it’ll translate to wins remains to be unseen. At the very minimum, I expect it to be a lot better than last season.

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I don’t think it’s widely appreciated how good Watkins is

Penny is cheerful!

Penny going full juwan

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8-24 incoming!

Is Watkins undervalued nationally? He’s a top ten transfer on some sites, getting buzz as best available, etc.

cc @DMB43

Big time get!

I put very little value in any polls at this point of the off-season and even more so in this portal/expansion era. It is really, really hard to predict how this is all going to shake out with so many new faces on every team, new teams in conferences, new coaches, unbalanced schedules, etc. Hey - MSU was a top-5 team last year mostly because they returned people media had heard of!

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