College Basketball 2023-24 Discussion

Didn’t watch the game, just a few clips this morning, but I’m shocked to find out that Kansas and Hunter Dickinson went off track against a long and athletic team that has a mobile big man and runs a ton of ball screens.

Seen that script before.

I think I said this after the CC, the problem with Hunter is that he can be so awesome and dominant that you have to build around him… Then there are five games per year where you just can’t matchup against a mobile big with any sort of physicality. Kansas will win a ton of games, but I’m not sure how you fix this matchup problem.

Not sure how you guard PNRs with Dickinson against Oso.

The flop kerfuffle and half dozen wild passes trying to do too much once things start turning are also very on script.


I may not understand what constitutes a moving screen, but it looked to me like Hunter was setting one on almost every possession, but it didn’t get called. He also knocked a guy over with a double forearm to the upper body that also wasn’t called.

Also just got done watching the highlights and this is so, so spot on. Kansas is by no means bad, but they will fall short of expectations because of all this that you stated. Along with an overabundance of drama along the way.

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It would be funny if they had their worst team in a while


Marquette just plays fun ball. But I’m still mad at them for their performance against msu last March


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Love the burner account named after the player you are shitting on.


Brick Timberclank :rofl:

Can’t help but picture this guy


I fully expect Kansas to be a top ten team all season but if they start to struggle the toxicity between that fan base and Hunter will be off the charts. If he didn’t like the Michigan fanbase wait until he experiences a school that actually cares about hoops.


Just wait until next home game and I boo Dug McBadAtBasketballiel and Tarris Can’tReedADefense :rofl:


Hunter spent an oddly large amount of time on his keyster last night

Northern Iowa? :eyes:

I’m not proud of it but a very misogynistic variant of “Hunter” came to mind


With all these :brick: from deep we are well on our way to building another Atlantis resort.

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But for real, I’m impressed with UNI so far. UNC looks really mid.

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So who is courting RJ Davis’ girlfriend now? Cormac Ryan?

Am I doing the Hubert misdirection right?


Could still be Caleb Love, right?

A walking catch 22 he is

Or maybe the guy locked in a dogfight with #120 with a roster of 8 top 100 guys and 5 top 40 guys after disappointing mostly for two years isn’t that great

I’m aware we Michigan fans are in a glass house on this issue to a degree (disappointing with scout approved rosters)

but these guys added 3 pretty sought after transfers and had pretty high expectations - we…did not

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You mean KenPom #120 UNI? Maybe they are having a Long Beach St moment, but this probably says more about UNC/Hubert than UNI

Can’t wait for the Hubert vs. Kyle Neptune showdown!

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