College Basketball 2023-24 Discussion

Arizona already setting everyone up for the bracket buster. Greatest regular season program of the last 25 years. They trick me some years.


Michigan is currently 37 on KP. In the next 3 weeks they play 30, 32, 38, and 36. Also could play 29 or 46.


Think of all the Q1 opportunities!


Need Jace and Jaellyn to get healthy asap!

Purdue-Gonzaga is such an insane opening round game today. Maui is such a treat to watch, I can’t wait for whenever we get to play in it next


Nice to see Illinois St hold Long Beach St to 24 1st half points. Tsohonis is 2-9 from the floor with 4 points. They trail 41-24 with 16 mins left.

Prolly thought the coaching change would be a net negative.

24 points in 24 minutes :sob: :sob:. Tsoshonis is 2/9

Long Beach state loss today doesn’t help us.

Not really worth living and dying with every LBSU game at the moment. If they are close to the Q4/Q3 cutoff we can lament more, but not yet. Also a decent chunk of teams have eaten a bad loss like that already. MSU/Arkansas among them.


Yeah, it’s a bad loss. It’s going to be a bad loss. It probably won’t be an extremely bad loss.

Good example of playing slowly and controlling tempo being OK.


I’m officially setting the line at 2.5 “looking a little chippy” commentator comments between Dug and Quinerly while we beat Memphis


I would like to ladder the Over

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But why?


This UCLA team is intriguing. Super young and play really. Tons of Euro talent too

Adem Bona is impressive

Hunter with a big game against Chaminade. I miss Hunter

Bill Walton-Ed Cooley will get GTown going

Marquette looks good, down 12 with 15 mins left to up 5 with 10 minutes left.

Guys, big news, check out Lunardi’s latest:

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 1.57.02 PM

@tony can you confirm our bubble-in status??? What’s the matrix saying?


This man to man defensive concept might take a minute for Syracuse to figure out.