Colin Castleton enters transfer portal

Keep the Bajema hive Alive 2020-2021 anyway possible


Ouch. I personally love Colin’s game. Figured with the Austin news a few months back that it was likely but man we are gonna miss out on a nice player here over the next few years. I think he could be special.


Bajema was born in Grand Haven,Mi which is my home town. His dad is a lifetime wolverine. I would say it pretty safe Cole is staying.


Could Juwan be pursuing Haarms?

No. Not that kind of party.

Good luck, Colin!

We have clarity now, and will have much more by next week.

It is disappointing to see Colin go, there just isn’t anyone from the team I wanted to leave. Should be o.k. when my respect for reality over takes the emotional side. Colin will be successful somewhere, preferably out side the BIG.


Wonder if Colin will head back to his home state. Not sure of the schollie situations at FSU and Florida but I believe they both offered and IIRC the Gators got an official visit.

Agree on Bajema.

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The same could be said of DeJulius, but he’s also transferring

One big caveat is Dave’s people didn’t want him going to Michigan.

Any idea why? Two different coaches with different styles. Neither were good fits for DDJ?

Or is something (or someone) else behind this sentiment?


Before he initially committed his people didn’t want him playing for Beilein. I don’t think they cared for him. Wasn’t necessarily his style of play. A lot of people in Detroit didn’t care for Beilein.


Beilein was very particular. Black and white in a grey world. That led him to success, and also closed some doors.

Unimpeachable integrity as a result though.


Bummer. I think he will be great somewhere too. I hope he finds a good situation, talented young player.

Pretty much everyone seen things differently than Beilein. I totally understand Beilein’s viewpoint but most people didn’t/don’t still. Especially in Detroit.

And also some were very MSU> Michigan and they allow that to affect their judgments emotionally rather than logically. This was more prevalent when Beilein was there than Juwan now.

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My early prediction. Castleton to UIC. He was always a Yaklich guy. He also could use a year sitting out.

1st thing I thought when Yaklich got the UIC gig was that Colin would follow him there.


As someone that spent time at UIC (actually Chicago Circle back then), I am excited for the future of the program with Coach Yak. Yes, it would be awesome if Yak could pick up Castleton and/or DDJ.

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