Colin Castleton adding weight



Wow! Good job.


Beat me to the punch! Just saw this and was about to post it as well. Great sign for Colin, happy to see him putting in the work in the weight room. Really like his skills, he could be special.


The Sand Man does outstanding work


Certainly good to hear, im kinda curious if he grabs more minutes than davis


I hope so. Or if not, that Davis is really improved. I won’t give up on him, but Castleton has a much more dynamic game.


I think Davis will be a better rebounder but other than that i beleive Colin has more to offer


would be shocked if this happens.


Of course nobody wants to talk about the fact that the digital monitor CC is holding weighs 14.8 pounds.


Castleton will beat out Davis if he can get his hand healthy, IMO.


Castleton will beat out Davis if he can defend just a little bit.