Cole Bajema reaffirms Michigan commitment


For those who haven’t seen Bajema play in a while:


Big coup for the Wolverines and Howard.

Interested to see if that move by Bajema reveals any continuity amongst the assistant coaching staff.

Bajema might go down as the Ride or Die program guy at any costs, i.e. Novak, Douglass.

That makes 2, hopefully the ball is rollin’.

Sounds like Warde called the Bajema’s to let them know about the hire:

Pretty good on his part. Adds more to the thought he ultimately did well on the search/transition.


Another addition to the tremendous start of the Juwan era.


From the article: “And though Cole’s workouts with Sanderson haven’t begun yet, his personal trainer back home is a friend of Sanderson’s and has helped him add 22 pounds over the past seven months.”

It would be great if Bajema was physically ready to play next year some minutes at the 2 or the 3. I’m still hoping that Cumberland is an option to hold down SG for a year, but we would still be thin there if Brooks or DeJulius don’t take a step forward at that position.


Cole certainly will get time at 3. I hope that he is ready.

with a much higher ceiling.


Empty gym athleticism vs athleticism that translates to the game is very different but I have seen videos of Bajema doing between the legs dunks and other incredible stuff. He is an explosive leaper off of one leg when he has space and he has great elevation on his jump shot. If this was Beilein coaching him I would say he wouldn’t be around for 4 years. He might still not be around even without Beilein. He has a very high ceiling and I think he is a future NBA player.


Thank you. I’m really excited about this guy. He’s the only recruit that I haven’t seen live.

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I was trying to remember the former conf player Cole reminds me of. I think it’s former Terripin Kevin Heuter.

This comment made me realize how weird it is to go from anticipating JB’s high 3-star to low 4-star recruits being gone in 2-3 years maximum versus now thinking Michigan could get high 4-star to 5-star players and potentially keep them around multiple years.

That could be but I won’t be surprised if he ends up closer to Caris.

I can see that but since both are in the NBA. I’d be happy either way.