Coach May interview



No specific observations, but the more I hear May talk, the more excited I get about UM basketball’s future.


Good article in mlive today too, main thing I took from it was that may was a ga for two weeks for none other than John calipari!


I am blown away by the class here – two good dudes

Michigan men’s basketball coach Dusty May has received a warm welcome in Ann Arbor over his first months with the job, including from the man he’s succeeding: Juwan Howard.

As recounted by May to Sam Webb in an exclusive interview with The Michigan Insider, the two coaches have shared positive conversations since the change in leadership that occurred in March.

“He’s a former player here, and so this is his program. As a former player, this is their program; I’m just a steward. I’m just here to help it be the best it can be. But they’re the ones that laid it on the line for this place — so if you’re a former player for Michigan, this is yours. It is not mine. And those guys are all welcome,” May said.

“I had good conversations with Coach Howard. That’s the first thing he said: He said, ‘I’m a Michigan man, and I want Michigan to do well. And if you’re the coach, then I’m going to support you. And if you need anything, let me know.’ And so that shows that once again, the level of professionalism and humility.”

Over five years as the head coach, Howard led the Wolverines to an 82-67 record, including an Elite Eight and Sweet Sixteen appearance. U-M parted ways with Howard after a last-place Big Ten finish in 2023-24, a season during which Howard was coaching through his recovery from heart surgery.

“It wasn’t like Coach Howard forgot to coach. Circumstances happen in this profession that sometimes are avoidable. And sometimes they aren’t, it doesn’t really matter. But it’s the way you go on with your life,” May said. "And he should. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him as an NBA head coach within the next 18 months or 24 months, whatever the case, and I’ll be rooting like heck for him, especially now that I’m coaching one of his sons.

“That’s the power of this place, that it’s bigger than all of us. I’m very, very grateful to be sitting here with this Block M on me because it means a lot to so many people. And we’re gonna do the best we can to put another banner up in Crisler.”


speaks very well of both of them. Speaks well of both of them and the program/university that Jace wanted to stick around and now Eisley Jr. is wanting to walk on as well. I doubt many incoming coaches have coached 2 sons of the former staff before.


Sounds like Tschetter is the enforcer?!?!
Funny way of explaining Tschetter‘s propensity to foul. No cheapies!!


me while waiting for this concert to start:

anyway I will say dusty may is one of the most formidable opponents my 3x speed habit has faced yet. I’m triumphing but it takes some focus

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