Class of 2019 guard Cole Bajema commits to Michigan


I haven’t watched a ton of video on him, but his stock has been rising and JB looks to be ahead of the game again. I like the commitment because it provides some positional flexibility with the roster. If his ball skills improve, we could be looking at a 2. If not, a wing with shooting ability is never a bad thing in this offense. There are probably higher ceiling targets left on the board but it’s hard to wait on them with a bird in hand and another spot probably still available.

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Snow also indicated he thinks Bajema will move into the top 100 when 247 updates their rankings


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Updated scholarship chart

I feel like this is the quietest commit we’ve ever gotten lol. No one talking about it

Ha! We’ve been trying to build the Bajema hype over the last couple of weeks… Didn’t quite match the DJ Carton hype. Thus is life when you run a Michigan basketball website and football camp is starting.

We did try to keep you guys up to date here though. Pretty sure we were the only site talking about him for a while and signs have been pointing toward today for a while now.


It looks like some whodat football was recruit was accepted around the same time. Everyone is busy hollering about that.

I like this commitment, too, for all the reasons you stated and because he is truly COMMITTED to Michigan. He WANTED Michigan, worked hard, elevated his game, performed admirably with lots of big time coachers watching, waited patiently while others (Virginia) came knocking on the door, and committed. I like it. Plus, Beilein!

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Sorry, I didn’t read the headlines of the site, and just was used to seeing Bajema’s face on it :). I’m really happy with the commit. the 2019 commits together fill the positions of need on paper, but gives size to be a bit versatile with how they’re used. That seems extremely valuable when trying to mitigate any potential unexpected attrition. I honestly can see Wilson playing 3 or 4 and Bajema playing 2 or 3 comfortably. Will look forward to his progress in the months to come!

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Y’ll did a great job keeping us informed and intrigued about Bajema over the last couple of weeks! That’s why this site, umhoops, is the best site for Michigan Basketball information and discussion IN THE WORLD!


Give Beilein and Sanderson a year or two with Cole and he will be scaring the Bajemas out of the rest of the Big Ten.


Pretty happy with this commitment. I think he’s gonna surprise the hell out of the people who haven’t watched the film breakdowns on here.

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I’m really psyched about this commitment. Doesn’t hurt that he’s of Dutch heritage. :slight_smile:

Looking good! Both commits with Michigan first on their mind. I really like how this staff does their recruiting. Go Blue!

I don’t think that it is coincident that Bajema camped at Michigan before blew up in July. Beilein already put some magic touch on him.

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I would say that Bajema’s July blow up had more to do with Beilein being at his games than him attending a 6 hour camp. Word of mouth is important on the circuit and once people here that Beilein is watching a guy, they are going to show up and watch him in Vegas, where he played well.


The UMhoops team did a great job with CB…you were all over it!!! Looking forward to his journey and following him at UMHOOPS!