Class of 2018 has arrived


Everybody is curious: How tall are they?

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Iggy appears to be at least 6’11 and Nunez therefore is 6’10… that’s some great size for a shooter like him

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Brazdeikis measured in at 6ft 7 at hoops summit so it definitely appears Johns is 6ft9+ and it looks like castleton is nearing 7ft


Elite class

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Johns and DDJ are already built like grown men.

Big shoulders for Johns…the Sandman will fill in the rest,


If Iggy is truly 6’7 then Johns is certainly 6’9. Look at how long his arms are, too. I’m guessing he has a pretty wide wingspan. If Castleton is 6’11, and I think he is, then Johns is all of 6’9. Exciting times!

Looks like a nice starting five somewhere down the line.

Iggy slimmed down a lot, could add some good weight over the summer

CC needs to bulk up,

Johns and DD look physically ready for Big Ten.

Nurez, relax, this is not Brooklyn

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Dejulius has some big fricken arms lol

Iggy looks like Macklemore.


Didn’t everyone say that about Duncan Robinson too?


Great looking group. Iggy is pretty well built guy but looks skinny compared to Johns. I was expecting the opposite.

Officially 6’8 and 3/4 with a belief he has some growing to do.

Doc recently projected 6’10. I will believe that when I see it.

He’s always had a nice frame, yet hasn’t been involved in much of a conditioning program. Still some chatter around AA about his lack of motor but my concerns with that were allayed last year. Sanderson should assist in revving that up to the extent it’s still an issue.

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Thanks, Dot. I always appreciate your input! I think it will be pretty exciting watching how these kids develop this year. I’m not too concerned with Brandon’s motor. I think our coaching staff has appropriate ways of motivating kids to play hard, and with Charles and Zavier, who I think will be captains, I don’t think anyone will be allowed to slack off or give less than full effort. I think the culture will include “we work hard everyday!”

Wow. Johns being a legit 6’9" is fantastic. That’s huge for potentially playing him and Livers in a small ball lineup and important for his potential in the NBA.