Chris Mack previews Michigan

Chris Mack previews Michigan, starting at the 10 minute mark or so:

Seems like a pretty sharp guy, FWIW.

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Very smart guy, balanced, down to earth, exactly the kind of guy Louisville needed after the last guy! Very impressive! I’m hoping both teams play well and both of them learn a lot about themselves so they can just keep getting better going forward. I sure won’t cheer for Louisville tomorrow night, but I certainly might in the future after listening to Chris Mack in this presser.


Yet another coach who says X committed to his program. Hmm…

Who were the others?

So the recruiting narrative from what I have gathered from the past couple of weeks:

“After Cassius Winston unexpectedly spurned Michigan for MSU, the wolverines scrambled to find another PG recruit. Michigan plucked Zavier Simpson out of the grasps of the two programs that he was currently committed to in ISU and Xavier (there were probably more too). The commitment to Michigan from Simpson came on the heels his official visit to Wisconsin - literally making a pit stop in AA to pick up his offer in his transit from Madison to Lima.”


Mack’s “I’m number one” story is gold!


Huge fan of Chris Mack’s as a coach. Juwan really running the non-con coaching gauntlet with Roy Williams, Mark Few, Chris Mack, and Dana Altman, all who I’d consider four of the top ten or so coaches in the country.

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Iowa State’s Prohm told a story about it.

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