Choose Your Power Forward for 2022-23 Wolverines

Will Tschetter
Mousa Diabate
Caleb Houston
Terrance Williams
Zach Novak

blake griffin


It’s between Zach and Mousa for me, which is hilarious considering they couldn’t have more different archetypes. I want leaders and capable shooters though, so I’ll give Novak the slight advantage.

I don’t want a Karl Malone Award candidate -
I just want Karl Malone.

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Well, I think I would take any of the former guys over the two on this current roster for sure. THat being said, here’s my rank…

1 - Diabate (would love to see what he’s like with a year of experience)
2 - Novak (I have legit concerns that a 6-4 shooter won’t work in Juwan’s system…but I want his grit and outside shot)
3 - Houstan (He’s not a real PF, but I think putting him next to Jett and having a second year of experience would be interesting)
4 - TWill (he’s a decent rotation player as we are seeing…just doesn’t raise the ceiling)
5 - Tschetter (I’m still in his fan club…but he’s not ready yet until he hits more shots)


My calculous changes a bit if I think of it as “Sophomore Diabate” and “Sophomore Houstan”. I’d probably align to your rankings in that case, but it’d still be super close.

Great point about whether Juwan would even consider Zach at the 4.


Depends on who is coming back. If one of Jett or Hunter come back, give me Novak. If not, well, given the other names on the list, I guess give me Novak. This is a recency-biased answer. I should probably say sophmore Diabate.

I was thinking about the idea of having a shooting PF like Novak or hypothetically sophomore Houstan versus the other guys. Here’s something wild that surprised me when I looked it up.

Three point shooting the past two seasons:

  • TWill = 37 for 109 (33%)
  • Kobe Bufkin = 29 for 108 (27%)

My brain can’t really comprehend the similar attempt numbers, the shooting percentage, etc. Granted, Kobe is ahead in 2pt (53% to 50%) and FT (81% to 71%)…but wild. If Kobe becomes a 37% shooter like his form suggests…wow. Granted, I’d like to see him start taking more threes also. Eli took 142 last year and Kobe is only at 72. Even Franz, who wasn’t a great shooter at Michigan, got up more shots.