Checking in from Durham

Pardon the sloppiness, I’m on the iPhone.

All I can say is wow, Cameron is an AMAZING venue. The place is so intimate it’s unreal. I’m in the second bowl right behind UM bench and I’m literally right on top of the court. Atmosphere is nuts.

Nik is in shorts, hopefully he plays

I would suggest Csmeron to any UM fan if we happen to play at Duke again, such a historic venue, you would appreciate even if you loathe Duke

Didn’t know you were at the game lol
I know it must have been even more excruciating in person

Guestavo - honestly my daughter (12 and die hard UM fan) and I still had a great time. The Duke fans were friendly, accommodating and respectful. For all the hype you hear about Cameron being the best atmosphere in college basketball, I must admit, it lives up to the hype, and even exceeds it. Would go again in a heartbeat, but hopefully a different result.