Charles Matthews getting big

…what was he doing at Kentucky?! 20 lbs in 6 months is incredible and certainly takes a lot of hard work.

I don’t recall a single player that has played for Cal that has done a drastic transformation physically. More of an emphasis on basketball than strength.

Meh… listed at 6’6 189 last year.

Matthews may be listed at that but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he weighed that much or is that tall. Program from all over the country changed their players physical attributes to make them for attractive to the NBA.

A 20 pound gain is significant. He’s changed his body around. Have to think Beilein will want him around 205, at the most.

20 pounds in 6 months is a TON. Either a good amount of the weight isn’t muscle, or the weight figures aren’t accurate. Even for a beginning lifter, 2 pounds of muscle gained per month would be extremely impressive and about the maximum genetically possible.

Do you have any source that says he didn’t weigh that much last season?

Oh, and programs all over the country don’t get their measurements by hosting an NBA style combine like Kentucky does.

It’s pretty hard to change “attributes” when those measurements are being made in front of NBA scouts.

Must have lost weight during Kentucky’s season then. I believe that that’s pretty common, particularly in the NBA. Not doing the weight training midseason needed to sustain.

Yeah and I’m guessing there was probably a couple month gap between leaving Kentucky and his weigh-in with Michigan this summer.

A 10 lb. increase in playing weight is still good, though.

Crazy from that DX article to think that he has the same max vert as Zach LaVine

-Charles Matthews has tremendous size for an NBA shooting guard standing 6’6 with a 6’9 wingspan and a 189-pound frame. Having gained just 2 pounds since last summer, Matthews is a lean athlete with great explosiveness. His 41.5 inch maximum vertical leap is terrific. He’s built similar to Zach LaVine, who at 6’5.75 with a 6’8.25 wingspan and 181-pound frame registered a 41.5 maximum vertical leap at the 2014 NBA Combine, but of course is not quite as athletic.

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He’s very athletic. Not lavine explosive/ hang time, but damn is he athletic. The Wagner, Wilson, Mathews front line is the future baby. What a dominant future. Add on bamba and wow , who could match that? You’d have to bench Wilson for a year. No choice. Unless you slide Wilson to three and Mathews to the two but I don’t think Wilson as a three for us works for more than 5 or 10 min a game.

Brooks, Poole, Duncan, wilson, teske is a promising second line. No minutes for Ibi, livers, and Davis next year. Red shirt Ibi ? honestly maybe Poole you redshirt? I think there’s a good shot Ibi takes a huge sophomore jump and Poole might struggle as a frosh. No reason to burn a year on either when both could be great in the upper class years.

I see multiple big ten championships over the next five years. Especially if we keep the x ractor. Bill donlon. Might be the best recruit over the last four years.

I agree we have some nice potential next year, especially if we add Bamba, but let’s pump the breaks a bit. Expecting multiple big ten titles over the next years is probably asking to be disappointed. Michigan has done that exactly once in the last 30 years.


If we get Bamba - which seems like a longshot just given the competition - he’ll play center and probably come off the bench behind Wagner for awhile, and then I could see Wagner maybe playing some backup four. I actually think Teske might be the guy looking at a redshirt, odd as that seems.

I also think Poole steps in and starts from day one. We need the outside shooting.

PG: Simpson (30), Brooks (10)

SG: Poole (25), MAAR (15)

SF: Mathews (30), Robinson (10)

PF: Wilson (30), Wagner (10)

C: Wagner (15), Bamba (25)

I mean, I know I have Teske, Watson, Livers and Davis essentially not playing, but it may be that way.

It seems to me our three best players will be Mathews, Wagner, and Wilson - can’t see any of them not playing a LOT. And of course if Bamba is as good as advertised, you have to find him minutes.

And Poole will probably be our best outside shooter by far, can’t see him sitting.

If we land Bamba, he is going to start.

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You do not start freshman Jordan Poole over freshman Mo Bamba.

Or senior MAAR, probably.

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In no way is it Poole vs. Bamba for a starting spot. If Bamba comes, Wagner is coming off the bench. And it’s Poole vs MAAR that is the real competition if Poole fingers crossed is as good as we hope.

I think Poole gets minutes next year, but it seems presumptuous to pencil him into the starting lineup.


Beilein has said he will play the 5 best players. If a freshman is starting, it is going to be the 5* blue chip lotto pick freshman.