Charles mathews

I didn’t see the old thread so I made another. I haven’t been this excited for a recruit or in this case a transfer since Mitch. Whenever I watch his high school films its hard for me to believe he was ranked in the fifties by the end of his senior year.

He looks like a top 25 kid to me. Either way the main point of this thread is to ask about how he’s looked in practices Anybody seen or heard how he’s doing? It’s probably not true but in my inflated view of him I just picture him running around dominating practice, particularly Irvin in their matchups. Just dunking on ever body, running the floor. Is he the best player on the team? Is his jumper improving? These are the things I’d love to know. You’d figure coach b could teach him some mean pivot moves that would make him a tough guard on the outside

I would temper your expectations. Everybody looks like a world beater against high school competition.

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I’m wondering how he looks in practice. I liked his game at Kentucky too but it’s tough to tell with all those guys ahead of him. I think with a year sitting out refining his skills plus his obviously gifted athletic skills that he could be a monster.

I’m really looking forward to him and maar next year as a tandem on the wing. Hopefully x will be ready cause I think those two getting s lot of work on the wings will be great for us,

With that projected line up we will have shooting issues. The bench better be ready

I think we just need to adjust and shoot less threes. The ability to get mid range shots and to the rack/ ft line will make the offense much improved imo. Add in another year for practice and they should all be improved from deep anyways.

Coach b showed he can adjust this year, hopefully he adjusts again. X, maar, Mathews, Wilson. And Wagner would be a great lineup to push the pace and run with. Feed the post a bit more, fast break, slashing. Will be a very intriguing team. Obviously Duncan, Poole, Ibi and livers all can shoot the three. I really think next years team will be better/ more well rounded and Dynamic.

Basketball efficiency gurus worldwide collectively cringe.


Of course when you take half the sentence and leave out the other half.

Shooting less threes and more mid range shots is what you said, yes? I quoted the relevant information. If people want the full quote they can scroll two comments up to see it. Either way, efficiency people are cringing…

It’s half of what I said. Which is what players like Mathews and maar do. Getting to the elbow and in. So yea you took half of it for your purpose ( which to try and put me down like I don’t know basketball)but not the other relevant half. Their gAmes seem predicated on mid range shots, and getting to the rAck along with getting fouled. Players like that thrive all over and are necessary to win. As a unc fan you have seen your share of players who excel at just that.

Or you’re taking everything here a little too seriously. I’ll go with that. It’s a half joke on a message board…

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We have no idea what Matthews will definitely bring to the table really besides defense and athleticism. We are hoping he has a consistent jumper and midrange game to go with going to the rack. MAAR right now can only consistently take it to the rack. We are going to need X, Ibi and the freshmen Jordan Poole, Livers and Brooks to be shooters out the gate to go with Duncan.

MAAR has a decent spot up 3

MJ lived off the mid-range game. He was a below-average 3pt shooter but lights out from 15-17 ft.

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I agree, he’s not knock down but I think he gets beat up on here as not being a shooter. I don’t see that at all. He’s 35-38 percent shooter imo. He shot 35 or 36 last year but I could see him pushing it to 38.If you leave him wide open he will make you respect him most nights. It’s odd he gets those critiques yet people don’t bring this up with zak.

Maar is just as good a 3 point shooter as zak imo. People hang their hat on zaks freshman year but I think it’s pretty clear that was the outlier and not the norm, maar also takes less threes and usually doesn’t force them up which helps. They both seem to me to be in that 35-38 percent range as shooters.

Not trying to get to off topic as this thread was about Mathews, I just think it’s interesting whenever people talk about or compare the players.

Also again, has anyone heard anything about Mathews? Anyone heard anybody talking him up or down?

I’m sorry but MAAR being 23% from 3pt land is not what anyone should call decent. Most of his spot ups are wide open while Zak’s come in a variety of ways including late in the shot clock and guarded.


It’s early in the year. He will get that number back up. Irvin is shooting horribly from deep as well. Also what you said is my point. He’s often taking bad threes and over dribbling. Zach like maar should be looking to get to the rack or mid range, or in zachs case passing as its one of his strengths instead of taking forced threes. Both should only be shooting them when fairly open as neither is a knock down three ball guy.

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If we don’t start hitting some corner 3s, its going to be a long season. The corner 3 is the linchpin to Beilein’s offense–and right now RAAK and Wilson aren’t hitting it even when they are unchallenged. Teams will quit defending them in the corners, which will adversely impact running other parts of our offense. Walton is good from the corner, but will not be there often without someone else initiating the offense. We need to get Robinson more looks in the corner, though he appears more comfortable on the wing.

Beilein and Walton both spoke about Matthews today, and I included some of their comments in my story:

Hard to make any confident projections about his game without seeing him in practice with my own eyes, but the reviews are positive.


I’m convinced the Mathews for Irvin swap will be a positive gain next year. Can x make the swap from Walton to him not so dramatic?. That I’m nervous about. If we don’t land bamba I’m starting to think getting a grad transfer pg would be wiser then keeping mark. i like mark but the pg question mark is big. Next year could be a very good squad with good pg play. I think going out to land one would be wise. I wonder who will be there.

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