Chances of D. Robinson starting at the 3 next year?

What do people think the chances are of Duncan starting next year? He has improved defensively, he has improved his overall offensive game and Michigan seems to play well when he is on the floor. Plus he will be in the system for his 4th year. Maybe Mathews comes off the bench next year?


I will be really disappointed if Matthews does not start.


I have a feeling next year we’ll see some MAAR-Duncan-Matthews-DJ-Moe lineups.

If they don’t pick up a grad transfer PG and Brooks isn’t ready to play many/meaningful backup minutes, I think we see MAAR take on some backup PG duties. That would allow Duncan to play together with that group.


I think whereas Robinson has a chance to be an elite 3 point shooter, Mathews has a chance to be an elite defender, finisher at the rim, rebounder, slasher, transition scorer…

If I had to guess I would say we are going to see Mathews for at least 30 minutes a game.

The contrast of what Robinson and Mathews bring will hopefully give us an advantage over teams depending on the situation.

The fact that our centers and power foward’s are great 3 point shooters takes pressure off X and Mathews, who are probably below average 3 point shooters…

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I think early in the season Duncan will start because of his experience in the system, but as the season goes on I can see Matthews sliding into the starting 5. He has the talent to warrant a starting spot, but Beilein won’t rush him in. And Duncan coming off the bench might be the best option since that’s why he’s thriving this year.

That’s a good point. Maybe part of his success this year has to do with the fact he is coming off the bench and not getting worn down playing 30 minutes a game. It will be interesting to see how the front court minutes are split next year.

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I will be totally surprised if Matthews does not start next year at the 3. I don’t see Duncan’s defense as good enough to start.

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Why would we want him to start next year? He has found his comfort in a bench role.


It’s funny you posted that because I was wondering that myself while watching him yesterday. He’s really improved and we might need the balance. I still think Mathews will start but who knows.

Maar at point I can’t see it yet. As much as I love him he needs to tighten up his handle and there were numerous times he should have hit the open guy right in front of him yesterday and he keyed in on the defender and forced a drive instead. He needs to clean that up and swing it to wide open moe on those plays if he’s gonna run point.

MAAR run the point. No. I can see him bring the ball up the court occasionally but not generally the offense initiator. Can’t pass well enough.

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The basic point of MAAR at the point is who else can fill that role?

Keep in mind this is IF they don’t get a grad transfer and Brooks isn’t ready. (Or Poole, so I guess the question is let MAAR bring it up or let Poole?)

I don’t know if you have enough ball handlers with that group of 5? Robinson is a “plus” passer, but not a great dribble-drive or press-break dribble option.

MAAR with Poole and Matthews…that could be a potential (if Poole proves more B1G ready than Brooks)

Or maybe Simpson-Matthews-Robinson.

Either way there appears to be an easy path for Robinson to earn 20-25 min/game sharing time with Wilson or Matthews on the wing.

That team was bitten with injuries, but from what I recall, wasn’t MAAR the backup PG his Freshmen year? Not saying he was good at it! Just that he’s an option.

Main thing is hopefully Brooks can be that backup, or Poole/MAAR can combine with him to get the team by while X rests. The scary thought is what happens if X gets hurt? That’s where a grad PG may be a necessity.

Poole has the handle to play PG as well.

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I think Brooks will be able to handle it.


I don’t see much chance Robinson starts unless there is an injury. I think the starting 5 are virtual locks.

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I agree with this lineup. I was just wondering what people thought about Robinson’s status for next year. The line-up you posted seems most likely, but early this year, 3 point shooting may have been a concern with that starting 5. Now with the #'s MAAR, and Wagner are putting up from 3, not so much.

Yeah, barring an injury or someone completely not panning out, Dunc is best off the bench. I think he’ll probably play with the starter’s lines a lot, potentially even as a 2 to give X or MAAR some rest.

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I don’t think MAAR ever played the backup PG role. After Walton went down MAAR’s freshman year Spike started and Dakich backed him up.

As for Duncan starting, I think it will make a lot of sense to bring him off the bench if Matthews can fill the starting role – which I think he’ll do well at, but we obviously haven’t seen him at all at Michigan. It’s probably best for Duncan – can really focus on hunting shots and playing D for 20 minutes a game. Plus, with Wilson and Wagner starting, you already have a lot of shooting in the front-court. If you’re going to bring Davis and/or Teske off the bench it might be nice to balance that with Duncan’s shooting. Finally, with Matthews’s athletic ability,the ceiling of the team will be higher with him starting, so JB will probably give that a chance to work out.

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It is hard to know about CM’s game since most of us have not seen it recently. How has he progressed? Has he learned the system or is all of his time devoted to the scout team?
I hope he can start because he brings a valuable skill set. Plus I like having the ability to sub Duncan in at both the 3 and 4.