Chances at the NCAA tournament

What do you guys think our chances at making the NCAA tournament. I think we are still ok and will be a 9 seed or something in that area. These two losses have been hard but they also came vs ranked teams. This season is far from over.

Let’s see how they bounce back. Sometimes losses like these last two can damage the mind

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Don’t know where they’ll finish – although if they only win v NW and @Minn, they will be in serious danger of missing the dance again. That said, I hope they get that 9-seed you mentioned and win the opening tourney game, setting up a date with UNC in the round of 32 – really curious what UM Hoops will write in that game preview :wink: Might as well go out in a blaze of glory (or shame as the case may be).

3 wins and 1 in the Big Ten Tournament probably does the job, I would say 4 regular season wins locks it up.

Minny/NW are the obvious must wins. Hard to have a lot of optimism about the Purdue, @OSU, @MD, @Wisc, Iowa bucket though.

I think Purdue and @OSU are probably the best chances at a win among the latter group.

Agreed. They seem like the best chances right now… but you never know how teams will be playing when. For example, Wisconsin in early January compared to now. Michigan State in early January compared to now. It’s crazy to me that that MSU team lost at home to Nebraska.

Get to 20 wins and pray.

These past 2 losses will either be great or terrible for us. On our 4 game easy win stretch (Minn, Rutgers, Penn St, Nebraska) we played terrible and it lingered to Indiana and Mich St. That was the wake up call that those easy wins do not just come and it hit hard. They will either bounce back great with tons of energy or collapse IMO. Having Caris back would do wonders but who knows. When it looked as if he would almost certainly be back today he was not. I hope he is back for next weekend with Purdue but who knows.

I still think it will come down to the B1G tourney and getting wins to get into the NCAAs. One good thing is Louisville and SMU are out. Two more spots open.

There is no way Michigan should ever miss the tourney two years in a row with every resource they have.

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I think every single one of us could stomach missing the tournament 2 years in a row IF there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, we could quite possibly be worse next year. There’s no program changing player coming to save us anytime soon.

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There is no understating the Minnesota game, it’s a MUST win. This team is so fragile right now that a loss there could send the season spiraling down the drain. Caris returning or not.

I seriously have to question if this team can beat the Gophers right now the way they defend. Is it really plausible for us to count on out scoring teams by shooting well from deep and limiting turnovers, with how disfunctional this offense looks?

We all know JBs philosophy, but how long can you go without ever getting a stop when you need it? Defense is half the game and we play it with no urgency or togetherness.

Found JBs comments revealing when he said “we’re just not good enough to beat good teams right now.” I’m not sure we’re good enough to beat anybody right now. We’ll see.

That’s so false. We have a lot of guys who are talented with the ball in their hands. We have this years team plus 4 more players 2 talented guards and 2 bigs. We have been playing without caris so it won’t be much different. We should only be better next year as the big 10 top teams are going to be losing all the top seniors and we have mainly juniors.

Have you been watching?

Agree that @Minnesota is a must. It is both for morale and because the finishing schedule is so tough.

Also agree that 10-8 at minimum is needed for U-M to get in. The committee has said in the past that it’s about who you beat, not who beat you. That is the opposite of Michigan’s resume, which is largely about avoiding losses to bad teams.

OSU last year had a similar profile: no bad losses, only two top-50 wins, 11-7 in the league and 1-1 in the league tournament. They got a 10 seed, meaning they weren’t that far from not getting in at all. Every year is different, of course, but based on that, Michigan absolutely has to beat someone besides Minnesota and Northwestern in the final stretch to stand a chance.

What??? Talent is severely lacking. My eyes not only tell me this the scores of games against good teams also explains it.

A common bad assumption in sports. A year older does not mean better. Pretty sure most of the team has shown the above to be true


If u don’t like what u r seeing watch another team. Beating Maryland was no fluke. This team had its wake up call there is no doubt in my mind that they can turn it around. The season is far from over and they will get big wins ecspecially with there best player soon returning.

“go watch another team”.

Haha. Love it.

I do watch other teams. I watch how they recruit, how they are coached, and how they play. Maybe you should try watching other teams on consistent basis to see where Michigan really stands.

I also watch high school basketball. I’m not a guy who thinks everyone JB recruits is some diamond in the rough that the staff will develop into pro players. Before JB’s two great classes(that’s right those guys weren’t diamonds in the rough they had serious talent) I was very critical with recruiting. Guys like Vogrich, Mclimians(sp), Smotz, Horford etc weren’t going to cut it.


Yea and other schools are bringing in good players too like Sparty who might have the number 1 class and more 5 stars in one class than we have over the last two decades.

That’s not going to change it is not how JB does things as much as everyone wishes he did. He isn’t changing anytime soon. I think he gives us a shot to at least compete. Everyone is acting like our season is over it’s really not