CBS Sports article on Beilein

Most impressive statistic in this article: “Of the 20 players selected in the top 10 of the past two NBA Drafts, 18 were former top 75 prospects and/or players who spent at least three seasons in college. The only exceptions? Burke and Stauskas – both of whom enrolled at Michigan as unheralded recruits, earned Big Ten Player of the Year honors as sophomores, turned pro and were selected in the top 10 of the subsequent NBA Draft.”

I like that stat and I dislike that stat. I like it because I believe the point it’s trying to get across (Beilein develops players very well) is very true. I dislike it because the “top 75 prospects” is a somewhat arbitrary line to draw a stat around.

That said, I like that article because it again gave me a clue as to what they were thinking (at least partially) when recruiting a former player. The point of would they have been recruiting Caris in 2012 if he was a Junior instead of a Senior was not how I would have thought of the question, even though I know he’s young for his grade.

Caris in the 2013 class is at least a top 50 recruit so it makes sense imo