Caris will try to practice today

Good news, no?
Dylan, interested in what you think of Beilein not specifying what the injury is. Could he be protecting Caris from NBA questions? I’d think that if it were a sprained ankle, there wouldn’t be much to hide.

Few more quotes on the front page

I think the fact that he’s being vague implies that it is related to the foot somehow. Same reason they are being very cautious. Seems to be good news that he’s going to try to practice today.

It’s hard for me to get in the mindset of trying to practice a kid if he’s done for the season possibly. So I’m taking the news that they’re trying to get him to practice as generally good news. I definitely understand the sensitivity of information around all this though. Lots of factors at play.

Well, think about it the other way: what is there to gain by specifying exactly what the injury is? If the NBA guys, who will have doctors check everything out, ask questions later they can tell them. Might as well leave the opponent guess just how much Caris will play, whether there will be any impact from the injury, etc. It’s a minor, minor thing, and might provide no advantage, but there’s no risk. In other words, probably the smart thing to do is take little, of anything, from it. Practicing is a very good sign, and highly indicates he’ll at least be back for MD if not tomorrow.

Not saying that he should disclose it or that there’s any reason to. But if you go back and look at his comments about Derrick Walton earlier this year I think he pretty specifically said it was an ankle sprain and not a high-ankle sprain.

Good point, there is a difference in how he’s discussing this vs Walton’s injury. Maybe it does mean the pain is in the foot and not the ankle, which is not necessarily bad but a little scarier given Caris’s history.

This is a question for those knowledgable in sports medicine: Is it possible that the doctors are just not sure why he is experiencing pain? or, is technology so good now that Doctor’s not having definitive answers regarding a sports injury would be not likely?

I work in diagnostic imaging and the majority of exams we do are negative and leave the ordering doctor looking for other possible causes of the symptoms.

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Thanks. That makes me feel more hopeful. It might just be something that needs some time to heal…

I like the idea that they’re super cautious with these kids. With careers on the line, keeping a kid out of a game until you are absolutely sure they are okay makes lots of sense.