By the numbers: How Michigan revamped its ball screen offense


That’s what seems so crazy about Zavier and the offense. Piggybacking off that and the article, Michigan hasn’t lost a game the last two years when Zavier get 6+ assists in a game.

Admittedly, that’s a big number to go off of, but he’s averaging 6.1 this year. The only times he hit 5 with a loss last year were both Purdue games (big team offensive performances) and @Northwestern. I’d say @Northwestern is the only anomaly where he racked up some assists and the offense was bad. Every other loss was 2 or less assists.


Yep, just added this line because I forgot to look it up before:

According to Hoop lens, Michigan’s offense scores 1.15 points per possession with Simpson on the floor compared to just .86 points per possession with him on the bench.


It sucks that our hoops lens numbers are so useless because the freshman lineup has like 25 minutes worth of .2 PPP play, lol.


Salivating thinking about a 2019 team if Iggy and JP stick around - Iggy distributing out of the ball screen in addition to his scoring and JP making those “flashes” more consistent. With a Sr Jon Teske, that is a tough team to beat…

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This is an issue without a doubt. When you play 7 guys… the Hoop Lens stats become a bit flawed.

I think Jordan Poole as do-it-all ball screen playmaker as a junior is the thing you salivate over. That could be a very dangerous player.

Iggy is a scorer first, second and third for me right now. Not sure that you even need him to grow into a primary PNR option.


@umhoops This was a fantastic breakdown. Some of your best work yet, in my opinion. Kind of surprised me how proficient X was out of the ball screen. I know he has been great passing the ball, but he is arguably the most efficient ball screen player in the conference, given his usage.

Pet peeve. Importance of PNR cannot be overstated, not “understated.”

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Oh, and @umhoops two more things: is the first clip in the X video really a ball screen? I know you probably pulled that from Synergy, but it looks more like a slip or a back cut from Teske.
Also, who is the Big Ten player with the most efficient ball screen PPP, who is unlabeled (using about 3 per game currently)?

Not really sure what I am looking at with the chart at the end. I can make some educated assumptions about some of the lines but a legend would be helpful.

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Yeah that one is a bit weird. It was in the clips I grabbed though and still kind of starts as a double ball screen up top.

The uber efficient dot with medium usage is Vic Law.

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I agree that a legend would be useful. I think it goes like this:

  • Green dots are individual game offensive efficiency numbers
  • Curvy yellow line is rolling average offensive efficiency for the year
  • Dotted black line is rolling average over the past 5 games (I think)
  • Straight yellow line is the linear trend line (which I find kind of useless)
  • Dotted red line is probably D1 average
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After looking at the Torvik site, I think my previous post is correct, although there’s still no actual legend. Apparently bigger dots are tougher games, squares are conference games, and green means a win (we just don’t have any losses yet)

This is what happens when I borrow a chart instead of making it myself. And don’t do a good job of screen shotting it either. Will try to make that more clear in the future.

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Great analysis as usual for my favorite Z alias X.

Do you think Z can shoot some twos to establish more a threat to score and make his man come out to guard?