By combining old ways with new, Juwan Howard has Michigan humming


I saw “open door policy” and “practice” in the same sentence and knew that Dylan didn’t write this article.

Good work there, Max. An enjoyable read.

Not sure I follow?

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Re: Multiple-post-Monday – So much content, such great content, such varied coverage, the only thing I can think of to compare it to is the performance of the Michigan basketball team.


Max thanks for getting some of this inside info which we probably wouldn’t have known without you digging.

…over 200 career assists…

Actually, Z is sitting on 499 assists at the moment. (I guess that is still technically OVER 200 career assists.)

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It is how you handle adversity after success that ultimately determines greatness. Thus far Coach Howard is an A plus. Please continue!

Dave is such a good quote, very similar to Livers.