BTT final: what radio station can my wife find it in s. Ohio?

My wife is driving from A2 to Cincinnati for work today. Anyone know what radio station she can pick the game up from once she loses metro Detroit/Toledo? has a radio feed she could get through a cell phone. It probably takes a fair amount of data but it’s not like watching video.

I had that issue yesterday. 950/1050 will get you to Toledo. Then 98.3fm will get you a little further then it’s 1330am I think or somewhere in the 100s on fm wish I remember better but I was searching for it quite a bit. I actually had the fiancé drive once the game got close and streamed it on my phone at that point

Here’s a link to CBS radio stations in Ohio…With Xavier Simpson wearing Maize & Blue I would think the Lima stations are an especially good bet?

(She’ll have to scroll to find the page where Ohio stations are listed…like 5 or 6 in…)

Thanks so much!

Thank you very much

Thank you. That is a good call.

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