BTN Plus subscription from mobile App


For those who want to subscribe for BTN Plus for tonight’s game and the Holy Cross game, but need a reminder to cancel them after this month, you can subscribe from the mobile app and may not have to contact them for cancellation. It works for me in last two year, they told me that the mobile app subscription was not to be automatically renewed after I made inquire for cancellation.


When I signed up the other day, I believe there was a checkbox that allowed me to turn off automatic renewal (from my desktop)


Yep, that happened to me, too, and I don’t recall seeing that checkbox in year’s past. I always had to cancel it myself. I’m guessing near the end of the month they’ll send out an email with the option to renew. We’ll see.


For anyone who subscribed to BTN Plus to watch the first couple of games but only wanted it for the month of November, don’t forget to cancel tonight!


Thanks! You saved me ten bucks!