Brunson & Coleman

As of now are Jalen Brunson and Jalen Coleman UM’s two top priorities? I’d like to see a big man in the 2015 class personally.

Well, they’re the only two with offers, so I’d say, yes.

Just said in the other thread, top priority appears to be an off-guard who can score and distribute a la Douglass or Caris. I think a big who can play center is a secondary priority but primarily for depth.

Ideally to me we’d get Coleman soon.

Then we can get a feel for how MAAR/Dawkins look + time to see McQuaid, Ahrens, Davis, and other 2015’s if we need them.

If we nab Coleman that would give us (assuming Levert leaves early):
Walton, Spike, Irvin, MAAR, Dawkins, Coleman at the wing + maybe Chatman if needed or if Wilson develops fast.