Brian Bowen Transferring From Arthur Hill

Bowen is leaving Saginaw Arthur Hill and heading La Lumiere in Indiana. This is the same school Jalen Coleman-Lands attended. I do hate seeing these homegrown kids leave Michigan and head out of state though.

Seems like this is happening quite a bit lately with kids from the state of Michigan. And honestly, I don’t quite understand the moves. Especially in the social media age where you can get noticed no matter where you’re from as long as you’re in AAU. I guess they can potentially get better coaching.

Seems like it’s most related to the MHSAA policy of not allowing its schools to travel more than 300 miles from their premises. All of the out of state prep schools basically travel around the country playing the best high school programs and other prep schools, thus the players get more exposure. It almost makes me wonder if the state of Michigan will ever have it’s own prep school in the future. I know that when La Lumiere was formed, they agreed to separate themselves from the IHSAA and not play for state championships.

KnBlue, your post is spot on. I recently talked to a high school basketball athlete who was being looked at by Division 1 schools, and he said basically the same thing you just said. In my opinion, it’s a shame that this rule is in place, as we see so much homegrown talent leave the state.