Brandon Johns' unlikely journey to Ann Arbor


Come on, what made Ward #1 coming out of high school?


I see Johns’ potential, but I don’t see the hype. I feel that it will take him a while to fit into the system. His ceiling as a freshman is Poole, and I say this as a compliment.


In what ways do you think they are similar?


He was overrated.


obviously not the position, but the youth and the energy. My best bet for Johns to contribute is the small ball five.


Langford could be a solid player if he was coached to not chuck so many mid range 2s. But he takes so many of those bad shots, it just throws away possessions.


I’ll give you handle (and although Johns has a very good handle for 6’9", it’s not too much better than Ward’s), but I see them as very similar athletically. I actually think before the injuries, Ward was probably a bit better laterally, and other than that, they move, jump, run very similarly.


Good god I hope not. Ward was the most overrated kid I’ve ever seen at Michigan. Even more overrated than Chatman. Neither player could shoot a lick. I hope Johns is way better.


He had a decent senior year at least. 38% from 3.


I remember Ward finally having a decent year as a senior.


Also, Chatman just shot 41% from 3 on 145 attempts for a team that wasn’t exactly creating a ton of open looks for him. Like JB says, some guys take a year or two, especially as young as Kam was. In fact, what Michigan would’ve been like with Kam this past year is a pretty big what if…


Yeah, but you’ve got to factor in the comp level.


Ward never had a coach long enough to take him to his potential. Plus the injuries. He would be a great JB power forward/4 position.