Brad Stevens, Ex-Butler Coach, to Celtics -- Chances with Blueitt Improve?

Brad Stevens has left Butler for the Boston Celtics. Good for him. Good for UM too? Blueitt has been considered a mild Butler lean, with UM perhaps in second – or at least UM and Butler were in the group with a real shot at him. Have to think this helps our chances with Blueitt.

L. Jordan may be looked at as replacement? And is lead recruiter for Trevon.

Yeah, I actually think there’s a VERY good chance that Lavall Jordan will be the top candidate for Butler’s job assuming they take their usual strategy of wanting a guy versed in the “Butler Way”. He played there, spent several years coaching there, and the guy who probably would have been the in-house guy already took a job at South Alabama and has said he’s staying at that job.