Bracket-tology Question

Outside of Lunardi and Palm, who are a couple others to follow that have been fairly accurate in the past?

Ummmm pretty much anyone NOT Palm or Lunardi??

Both have been fairly accurate in the past, at least with selecting teams in the tourney.

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Thank you, this one looks pretty awesome

Palm and Lunardi generally score average to below average on the Bracket Matrix rankings.


Beware of misleading accuracy metrics. Some guys update their brackets at the last minute and use that to boast about how good they did. It’s more impressive to do consistently well in the weeks before the bracket reveal.

Some of the best analysis I’ve seen came from Tony’s articles on this very website. If you read through his articles and forum comments from last year, he mentions some pretty good resources that he draws from. Not to mention the insights he provides directly in those same places.


Thank you for the insight

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