Bold Predictions for 21-22 Season

In the style of Dylan and BQ from the last pod and to help us get through this week before games start, let’s hear the bold hot takes you have for Michigan, B1G, or CBB in general.

-Caleb Houstan is first team all B1G
-Northwestern and Penn State finish above Iowa in B1G standings.
-Jalen Pickett is the best transfer PG in B1G


I don’t really have too many hot takes necessarily but give me “Gonzaga wins the natty this year”. I think they finally finish the mission. I’ll get a lot of hate from my Gonzaga alumni girlfriend and her family if they do, but I think they will.

I see a little upside for PSU with a new coach, some new faces, a fresh start, etc. Northwestern is horrible…absolutely horrible. There’s no way they finish below Iowa. We can point and laugh at Iowa’s defense and how much they lost from last year … but Fran knows how to coach offense and is going to get his team to score. What does Northwestern do well? NOTHING.

I think Iowa and Wisconsin are going to have rough years, but I think Northwestern is going to be horrible and will only save face because Minnesota will be worse.

Okay…here’s a bold prediction. Kobe Bufkin will play more minutes per game than any of our power-forwards (Johns, TWill, Diabate).

I think those three guys are going to compete for minutes and all finish around 18-22 give or take. If Bufkin is ready to contribute, he gets the 10 minutes Eli is on the bench, 10 minutes Jones is on the bench, and a few minutes at the 3 in a small lineup.


Michigan will win a game this year with a three-point bomb at the buzzer by a player that few pundits foresee seeing much action this year - either Jackson, Nunez, Barnes, or Cheddar.

Greg Gard resigns in February


I sleep in May


I don’t have one prediction left in me. Because of my anticipation and excitement, I’m almost upset that there is no college basketball yet. I feel like a Saturday morning dad who has already had coffee, walked the dog and mowed the lawn and is now sitting in the living room wondering how in the heck that dang teenager is still sleeping. The dad is not certain why he’s flustered with the teenager, but he knows he doesn’t like it one bit. There’s nothing wrong with sleep but, enough is enough. It’s Saturday, there are things to be done, it’s time to be up and contribute to society.
Now, it’s November, football season is ruined, the wings have lost to the Canadiens twice, the NBA cannot sustain me, baseball is over. I don’t know the exact reason, but it’s time. I want to watch Michigan basketball!!!


Illinois and Michigan swap roles this year, with Illinois winning the regular season and Michigan winning the conference tournament. Illinois loses early in the tournament again. Michigan gets to the second weekend but can’t get to the third.

:eyes: Now you are speaking my language.

This one is pretty spicy: Jalen Coleman-Lands plays his final season of college basketball.


Isn’t that Mr. Gregory Gard to you, sir?


AJ Hoggard gets as many minutes as Tyson Walker until mid-January.


Utter and complete blasphemy. There is no college basketball with JCL.

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Moussa spends the entire year coming off the bench as the 6th man (position flexibility, BJ confidence, energy off the bench ala Chaundee).

If BJ struggles or gets hurt, T-Will replaces him as a starter.

We are all meeting up in NOLA tailgating for the final four!


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  • Andre Curbelo will not make a 1st or 2nd all Big Ten team

  • Bufkin will get more minutes than Johns once Big Ten play starts

  • Penn State will make the NCAA tournament

  • Mark Turgeon will be named head coach of Wichita St within one week of Maryland’s elimination from the NCAA tourney


Those are pretty spicy. I liked the Turgeon to KState idea mentioned on the pod

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As a closeted Wichita State fan, everyone seems very happy with Isaac Brown as the coach. He did a serviceable job last year and won the regular season championship. I think they give him a chance to be the guy. I don’t think Turgeon would be a big enough name to boot Isaac out of there.

Yeah that was definitely the Carolina reaper among my hot takes. I just enjoy the thought exercise of picturing a Turgeon coached Wichita St team, led by super super super senior Jalen Coleman-Lands.