Bluiett recruiting heating up

No, no Michigan interest, but Izzo has offered and is trying very hard to get a visit. Tried to get him on campus this weekend (Looney visiting) but he’s visiting Memphis instead - another new player in his recruitment.

No surprise Izzo is trying to get him.

Really could care less.

second that

Both schools are terrible fits for him too. Well he might actually be the kind of player Izzo needs but he should definitely not go to Memphis with their shitty playground style.

Hope he goes to Butler. I think he’s gonna be a very good player so I don’t want to face him for 3-4 years.

He’s Alex Legion pt 2.

He's Alex Legion pt 2.

He’d have to recommit to UCLA, then decommit, then his mom would have to claim visions from God for it to be comparable.