Blind Resume game

Blind Resume
Conference-only stats (players played in same conference):

Player A-
34.7 mpg
9.4 ppg
4.4 apg
2.5 rpg
0.9 spg
1.5 topg
2.9 a/to ratio

Player B-
32.8 mpg
9.9 ppg
2.1 apg
2.0 rpg
0.3 spg
1.0 topg
2.1 a/to ratio

A- Spike Albrecht
B- Bronson Koenig

Interesting too, they both shot 42% overall from the field in conference play. Although Koenig shot 45% from three and Spike shot 35% from deep

Spike also ran a ton of pick and rolls last season and by the end of the year was really efficient. Might be a good time to do a post on him of some sort.

Key difference between the two is that while they both took on much larger roles as the season wore on… Koenig’s role is going to grow this year and Spike’s will almost certainly shrink.

I suspected that Spike Albrecht belongs on that Top 25 list after all. Tell Bozich to switch him out for Troy Williams or Bryant McIntosh.

You are really arguing that Spike should be on the list over Troy Williams?

No, not really, but I’d take Mike “Spike” Albrecht over any Northwestern player any day.

I would, however, put Irvin above Williams, but that’s a matter of personal preference. Not as an athlete but as an overall player.

That Zak Irvin we saw in the last 10 games of last season was a different player. If he can play like that then he’ll be rising up the list quickly.

What has occurred this offseason with Zak?

Going beyond his (excellent) numbers, Spike is one of the most creative and skilled passers I’ve watched. It’s the little bit of flash in his passing game (as well as his fearlessness in launching deep threes) that sets Spike apart in my mind from other respected Michigan role-players over the last few years.

I second the question about Irvin’s offseason! Didn’t know there had been any issues.

Right. Can’t just drop that and not clarify.

Ah, sorry guys. That came off the wrong way. Just meant that he was at home for a semester (that was planned) rather than being at Camp Sanderson, etc. and was limited for at least a little bit this summer. Nothing too crazy, just not a Stauskas/LeVert or Irvin (last year) on campus all summer kind of deal that we saw in previous years.