Blackmon/Booker guesses

Blackmon- Michigan
Booker- Michigan

They both can’t pick Michigan. There just isn’t room.

Blackmon - Kentucky
Booker - Kentucky


I would love to be surprised!

Blackmon-Kentucky Booker-Missouri

That’s currently my guess as well. Again, if this is the case, I say put full court press on Bolden and then go hard after Jalen Coleman and Luke Kennard in 2015.

Blackmon - Michigan
Booker - Kentucky

Blackmon to Kentucky.

None of the schools would surprise me for Booker. I feel like Michigan has around a 30% chance of landing him. As long as he doesn’t pick MSU…

Blackmon - Michigan
Booker - Michigan

wednesday will be great for michigan

He’s deciding tomorrow? Where did you see this?

Blueman is going by Sam Webb’s word

Blueman is going by Sam Webb's word

Where is this word? I haven’t seen anything recently that indicated something positive b-ball recruiting wise for Michigan. Tried checking Sam’s twitter and michigan scout page.

WTKA’s recruiting round up.

WTKA's recruiting round up.

Ah, appreciated.

What was said? I missed it …

Just that UK/UM will slit? Did he say anything else?

Booker is announcing on Thursday, as well. It’s customary for UK players to announce on ESPNU. Not looking good.

Booker — Missouri
Blackmon — Kentucky

It’s customary for UK players to announce on ESPNU. Not looking good. thats bs. booker going to uk at 4pm. blackmon going to michigan at half time of the football game thursday night.

I really would like to get one of these guys. But. More important. I want guys that really want to be here. Sooo if they choose elsewhere… Don’t want em here anyway. We will be damn good with or without… Making runs at final 4 s again. Kentucky. Just don’t like the way the program is run. They will have good runs. But. Very bad runs too. Think all those guys had fun losing in first round in NIT? Could easily gappen again. They create zero consistency because the turnover they have. Zero consistency. We have created a team that will be consistently good. Period.

Yeah, I don’t see the UK team with a starting five of Ullis, Harrison, Blackmon/Booker, Lyles, Towns making it to the NCAA in 15’. No top end talent. A few transfers.

With that said, lets get Bolden and keep developing gems like Levert. Hopefully this helps with Kennard, as well.