Big upset in Maui

Wake knocks off Indiana thanks to a 19-6 run to close the game. Ugly loss for IU.

Indiana totally melted down after taking a 9 point lead with 7 minutes to go. Nothing but turnovers, missed free throws, bad 3 point attempts, and the finest matador defense outside Madrid. I figured Wake was a rebuilding team that doesn’t play defense, which should be the type of team an undisciplined, all-offense team like IU beats by 20+. Instead, they made IU look like a rebuilding team that doesn’t play defense. Credit to Danny Manning, he outcoached Crean by a country mile.

Yogi Farrell is like Rajon Rondo thinking he’s Russell Westbrook.

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Illinois also about to lose to Chicago St. Groce might not make it to conference play at this rate.

Never get tired of seeing Crean lose.


Jalen Coleman is the only bright spot of Groce’s tenure at Illinois. That kid is good. He was the number 1 target I wanted. He’s a difference maker

Talent wise - yes. But it didn’t take long to figure out he wasn’t going to be a good fit with Beilein.

Why wasn’t he a good fit? I didn’t pay much attention to Coleman since I really wanted Brunson.

Anybody else watching LSU and Ben Simmons. What an entertaining player. He’s a phenom.

I don’t know all the details - just what my local guys chat about but more personality and parent type stuff that doesn’t scream Beilein type of player.

Issues at Cathedral with the offense, AAU team attention, then transferred to LaPorte LaLumiere and it seemed like his mom was wanting more attention from schools. The Indy crowd wasn’t sad to see him transfer out, that’s for sure.

Nothing big but enough red flags that I think was one of the reasons he ended up at Illinois.

He’s racking up more assists than John Stockton!

And Ohio State loses at home to Louisiana Tech.
La Tech took the Buckeyes off the dribble all night, and lead virtually the entire game.
Ohio State gives up 82 points.
These new rules are really changing the game. Fascinating and scary. I don’t know if M has the players to thrive in this style of play. It’s basically put your head down and drive hard to the rim.

MAAR for one is a guy who excels at driving at getting to the line. Not sure he has the green light.

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I didn’t watch the OSU game but it looks like they got outrebounded, had more turnovers, and shot poorly from the FT line. Not going to win many games losing all 3 of those categories.

Illinois State was within 1 of Maryland at Halftime.

and Radford beats Penn State. Ouch

I expect MAAR to have a much bigger role as the season goes on. He has a fearless attitude on the court. He has some of the best body control when taking it to the rack I’ve seen at Michigan.

Being fearless on the court is cool and all, but his efficiency is terrible. 3 turnovers in 32 minutes and shooting 33% from the field is not a great way for a guard to increase his playing time.

Dont you love Chamtan? You just described his game. Sure he is a wing but a lack of shooting ability and turn over prone doesn’t fit JBs system at any position

I also just described MAAR, too.

Shoot, I keep deleting my own replies when I am trying to edit them – still getting used to the new forum. Anyway, I just said Chatman doesn’t look fearless :wink: And yes, MAAR struggles with the three ball, but my point was that he could potentially flourish as a slasher (not a shooter) in this new foul-heavy rules regime.

You can throw whatever new metric you want out. MAAR brings an element to the team that literally no other player is capable of bringing.

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Okay? The fact still stands that he is incredibly inefficient. You might not be able to wrap your head around simple stats, but they are valuable in discussions like this.

3.8 turnovers per 40 and a 33% FG percentage are not good. These are hardly “new” metrics. Try to keep up.