Big Ten writers vote Michigan second in B1G

Pollsters have already declared Michigan State as one of the best basketball teams in the nation, and on Wednesday, writers from around the Big Ten said the Spartans were the overwhelming favorite to win the conference championship.

In an unofficial poll conducted by Bob Baptist of the Columbus Post Dispatch, Michigan State received all 24 first-place votes, compiling the maximum 288 points to finish well ahead of second-place Michigan.

The Wolverines totaled 241 points, just one more than Ohio State, which was voted in third place. Wisconsin was fourth, followed by Iowa, then Indiana.

From The Detroit News:

For right now, 2nd in the B1G seems accurate, although I’m not sure that OSU being so close at third right now is accurate. Maybe without Mitch it is. However, if we were going into the season with a healthy McGary, I think the separation would be a little bit more.

Seems about right. McGary will obviously determine our title hopes. OSU doesn’t come to AA, and they get Penn State twice. Big advantage. I’ve erased our debacle in Happy Valley from my mind, don’t think they really did that. Oh, that’s right, they did.

The top 6 are tough. I think Iowa could be a Top 20 team this season.

Sparty being picked 1st will make it even more hilarious when they don’t even finish in the top 3.